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Momma Jorje

Thank you for sharing your journey with us! I'm so glad you guys are in a good space. :-D

Fiona Austin

Arpita, you are so amazingly strong and an absolute inspiration for not only others going through IVF or infertility, but through any struggles in life. It sounds like you definitely made the best choices for both of you throughout the IVF. Now you absolutely deserve this time to spoil yourselves to the max.. and just in time for a beautiful BC summer!! And then someday in the future, you as the amazing mother you will be, can start spoiling your little one! :)

Marichu Alo

Your blogs are truly inspiring. It is true that no matter how frustrating anything would be as long as u have the support of your husband everything will be fine. Very happy for u and your husband for your soon to be baby. Looking forward to having our bundle of joy soon. Benn trying for 10 yrs now. Still trying...

Kat @ Loving {Almost} Every Moment

My dear friend, this post has made me cry...I am so proud of you too. You and your hubby are an amazing couple! Enjoy your "selfish" time, you sure deserve it! xoxo

Amy @ Anktangle

I'm so glad you're feeling happy, Arpita! You two definitely deserve this time to be selfish, and it sounds like you're living it up as much as you can! Tons of love to you. <3


this is so sweet Arpita, brings tears to the eyes <3
Love, Katie

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