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Hemp seeds are also a really easy way to throw in some protein when the sight of anything else makes you a little queasy... they are my new favorite thing.


I had a similar set back during my Suppression phase. My estrogen level was too high and my body started creating a follicle when it wasnt supposed to. I had to take my trigger shot to bring on ovulation, while still doing suppression shots, and wait until after my period the next month. I cried on the phone with the nurse when she called to tell me I had to wait. I was devistated. I finally realized I was glad it happened then instead of hearing it didnt work at all. Now I am 2 days away from ending this terribly long 2 week wait! Fingers crossed for Positive!


I just received my big box of inject-able hormones from the pharmacy today. I start suppressing tomorrow. I don't know anyone else who has been through IVF before; so, it is a comfort to read your blog and know that there are others in the world who share this journey. Thank you.

Arpita of Up, Down & Natural

Oh Lynn, I totally know how you feel!! I'm so glad you stumbled upon my blog!! That is exactly why I wanted to blog about our IVF journey. When I started I knew 1 person who had been through it and when I opened up about moving forward with it, a few others messaged to tell me they had also gone through it. It's a totally different world than even dealing with infertility... and those who haven't experienced either infertility or IVF don't have a clue. Good luck on suppressions tomorrow!! If you'd like feel free to email me any time!! Arpita dot Monahan at Gmail dot com. {I write it out so foil spam bots} ;)

Jenna - It's heartbreaking when you don't just go along with protocol, isn't it?? I'm crossing my fingers and toes for you that your BFP is just two days away!! Are you going in for your beta or POAS? I'm still torn on if I'm going to POAS or just wait for my beta... Oh, who am I kidding, I won't be able to wait! LOL. Thinking of you hun!! ;)


I love this! I have actually been forgetting my morning meds (which are just baby aspirin and extra folic acid) because I have so many other things to be remembering!

Even though I was exhausted last night, I realized that I set my injection time at 10, so I couldn't go to bed early : (.

And chocolate is rarely safe in my house, but is definitely under attack at the moment.

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