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Amy @ Anktangle

I really appreciate that you're sharing the details of this journey with us, Arpita. Your willingness to be open about all of it really does a great service to (current and future) parents everywhere. Thank you!

Arpita of Up, Down & Natural

Thank you Amy! That is really the drive behind me sharing all of this. Besides it being kind of therapeutic - when we first started getting frustrated I didn't know anyone who I *knew* had gone through a rough time TTC. My hope is that by being so vocal and open about it then those who are having a tough time - either now or in the future - know they can reach out and have me and this blog as a resource! Thanks for your support as always!! <3


Ah, those little green paper bags... I'm still finding uses for them... Gift bags, storage bags, shopping bags...
It's good to have a plan for any embryos that remain. The reality of having leftovers is less common than people think though.

Happy AP Mom

Oh boy! I remember those questions. I also know that how I felt about a lot of things when I started out changed by the time I was done. The questions are hard...and they continue. How many embryos to put back, what to do if you get pregnant with more than 2? You have to sign a waiver saying you understand the risks of multiples. And since we are on the topic of things no one tells you...no one tells you that you may answer all these questions about your potential embryos and then may end up with no embryos at all. :( I am not trying to be a downer, there are just so many different scenarios that can happen. I guess that is just one reason (out of the many) why this is so hard. I agree, I think its great you are talking about it, because then maybe people will be more sensitive. Like your other post, people asked "are you excited that you are doing IVF?" If they only knew....Look forward to your next post! Sending you healthy growing egg vibes!

Arpita of Up, Down & Natural

Silver & Happy - Ha! Ohh the green bags! Lovely, aren't they? And yup we actually got all the forms out of the way... Multiples, OHSS, etc... We more than realize we might not have left over embryos. We're hopeful for our age and medical issues we'll have enough to transfer one and still freeze more. At this point we're just going with one embryo transfer... If it's not successful, then we may move to other options. All I keep saying is with a 30% chance of pregnancy, I'm just hoping for embryos so we can do FET if we need to!

Lauren @ Hobo Mama

Hoo boy, I can see what a journey this will be for you! All that researching you must be doing, and learning about these new steps and injections and so on … wow. It's like its own part-time job. Here's hoping your openness about it will help someone else not feel lost and alone as they start the journey, and I hope your way forward is smooth. Thanks for sharing!


Oh My! I am about to begin IVF as soon as AF arrives. Wow! Overwhelmed is an understatement. Thank you for posting. =) Love the blog and pictures!!

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