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LAni @ Boobie Time Blog

love you girl! cant wait to read more about your ride.


I hate to tell you this but VFC generally uses the injectable form of Suprefact.;( The injections are easy peasy though.

Amy @ Anktangle

Yay! This is so darn exciting, I can hardly stand it! Thanks for keeping us updated.

Arpita of Up, Down & Natural

Silver, Doh... Silly me!! I just assumed it would be the spray since a friend of mine was on the spray with AART in Halifax. Drats... Oh well, I guess I have to get used to the injections soon anyways! Thanks for the heads up!!

Arpita of Up, Down & Natural

Amy, your enthusiasm means so much to me!! :) Thank you so much!! I'm trying to remain realistic and focus on the 30%, to protect my heart a little bit... But it's really hard to not get a *tiny* bit excited!! :)

Happy AP Mom

Clomid is the worst of all fertility drugs! You may find these drugs much more tolerable than Clomid!

Arpita of Up, Down & Natural

I've heard that!! I've been complaining to my TCM Practitioner about how much I'm breaking out on the BCP and she told me that it's the worst of all the IVF drugs. Totally blows my mind...


I couldn't believe it when we were prescribed the Pill for IVF... very ironic ! FXd for your appt tomorrow xoxo


Congrats and good luck!
Honestly, the injections themselves weren't bad at all! They didn't feel like anything! For me, the worst part was the stress of mixing the meds that went into the injection. There were three, and they all had to be measured and mixed in one vial then sucked into the syringe. The puffy my-stomach-is-going-to-fall-off feeling was interesting but not in the least painful.
My fingers are crossed for you!

Arpita of Up, Down & Natural

Thanks Juliet!! We just did our first injections tonight (Silverdollar was right!! My Clinic went with injectable Suprefact!!) I was shocked at how painless it was and Hubby said that he was surprised how easily it went in. (**Immature giggle**) Tomorrow I'm going to try to do the injection myself just cause I feel like it's something I should be able to do!! I am nervous about the mixing for sure!! I'm going to school for nursing next fall so I just keep telling myself this is all great practice for that!! :)

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